hi! i'm shanise barona. welcome to my corner of the internet.

about me ☺️

I'm a web developer based in philly who is passionate about the place where technology and social good intersect. I want to live in a world where emails are short, empathy is a forethought, and Netflix doesn't ask if you want to keep watching (the answer is always yes!) & when my eyes aren't glued to a computer screen, you can find me doing yoga, reading, and plant parenting.

community 💞

Community is incredibly important to me. It has been a unexpected but impactful piece of this tech journey puzzle. Supporting others in their learning and experience in this space is something I am so grateful to be a part of.

ela conf | co-organizer

girl develop it | teaching assistant

tech girlz | instructor

tech ladies, philly | co-organizer

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projects 💻

who said that? a site that displays idioms; their origins and meanings. built with HTML5, Bootstrap and jQuery.

what i'm doing now 📓

updated - 07/16/17

why now?

colophon 🔮

This site was built on a macbook pro, using atom, and is hosted on github. I used apple emojis and one twitter emoji (the sparkle is just so cute!), fontawesome icons and google fonts.

made with 💜 and a paramore album.